Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A little too much

Today, I am not sure why I am mad with my husband. Every time when there is an argument, I don't feedback to him. Example, when I drove car, he Definately will sound me?p. Why can't let me drive peaceful ply. And when reach home, when I open gate, he say lock the car, when I lock the car, he ask me open gate.
 I felt so irritating and not on same page with him. When I m sad, I always look back our marriage days photo. And ask myself why I married to this guy.

It's been few time I had ignored him. I don't want to had a talk fight. I just kept quite. Had my meal. Do my things and let the mood ease.

I brought him a cough syrup, he not even bother that I cared him, I purposely left it at Midah house.
Ask him seek Doctor but seem doesn't goes into his head.

Always said I m dying soon. Ya, one day you will. If the is your wish, own health never care. And saying I don't care about you. What kind of nonsense is this .

Sometimes I am demanding. Asking him do a lot of silly things. Once a while he nag that I didn't inform him earlier or didn't plan well.

I am very sad . I wish my sister squido stay by my side and listen to my rant .