Monday, May 18, 2009


If you really not or already have choice to another company, then say la,, already book air ticket and ground, no infrom us.
SO call your " H****LIFE KINTEX EXHIBITON*, [ MS UNINDENTIFY] please la,, we really put an effort to chase your seats and ground. Behind scene you dunno, we get scold up n down from KE airline get color faces,
U think once u get wif us 1 week can confrim everything ah?? Airline u open gahh?? hotel u'rs gah?? KEEP ON DREAMING LA!!

10 pax, you think ur group we reli not put care or effort mehh !!!!


Sunday, March 8, 2009


flood in jln ipoh... ( near jln tun razak , pekeliling building)

Friday, February 20, 2009

New House !!

Yahhu~ Yesterday, the bank loan aprroved, now awaiting the owner return on Mar 01 and signing the S&P, and move in.

Excited yet a bit frustated... The new sweet house was located at Tmn Midah but currently i m working in Jalan Ipoh, quite a distance. Sumore the nearby public transport also not available in dat area, nearest need to walk 15mins+ ( tmn bandar permaisuri) Sigh~~~~
My 1st planning, will alternate stay in my aunt house @ Kenanga Condo, and maybe 3-4 times will go new house..

My loan took from United Overseas Bank (UOB), attend by Ms Crystal Ker. She was helpful and kind... ^^ and sweet too~~ hehehe....

The House Owner, Ms Yip, was kind and straightforward person. She aslo an outgoing person. She loves travelling and thoughtfull,, " thanks for ur kindness and patient"

The Lawyer, Mr Phoon, erm... less communicate with him and not even meet him..
His assistance, Ms Saridah also helpful and informative ~~ thanks alot

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

what is "Privacy"

Privacy involves the handling and protection of sensitive personal information that individuals.

Aint no intention, but when u show up ur phone is it eye catching dat u will see the phone itself??
For example, when a small movement or sound that is catch ur attention, will u stop and stare?
Or will u jz ignore??? i BET "Malaysian" ppl will stop and stare.. " Keh Po"... dat makes the traffic conjuction when there is any accident, ppl changin tyre, things that will make u slow down n see..

P & C - private and confidential.
Things that cant reveal to third party. "Closed ended topic or document that cant expose to the public.
When things spread out for EXAMPLE :-
1. Our, Ex- Health Minister, why that "rubbish" go and disturb ppl's life, huh???
These ppl is envy other's life stlye... INTERUPT cum destroy ppl's life.
SO WHAT?? Health minister can't have sex?? can have own TIME??
I think the "rubbish" will one day get the PAY.
What go around, comes around- Justin Timberlake
2. HOT HOT~~ Our PKR, MS ELizabeth Wong,, another victim....
Arent they have their own path way to walk?? Why should the pedestrian come and making mess around??? Maybe the same gang of scandal making problems around, making world get up side down , and they happy???

3. Poor beauty queen,,, had spoild her beauytiful life not about her appearance destroy !! BUT is her life.... have long long long way to go.... already break into pieces....

** REMARK : above statement is just for expression, and personal opinon, if there's any offend, please do not take it in heart,

Monday, February 16, 2009

Shanghai Trip ( 25Jan~01Feb) CNY

Shanghai , Here I Come~

1st day in Wuzhen Village. Unspoiled water village

Water still clear, we use those canal to cross over from land to the village. so sweet and cold over there

At Sun Yet San Memorial Path way

3 Kingdom at Wuxi

Warrior's Battle sHip

Nanjing Massarce

Hangzhou Tea Plantation ( Nicer than Cameron,huh?)

Hangzhou West Lake ~

West Lake , Lover's Bridge

Happie 2009, Bullish around the year~~ Get Moo Moo for the rest of days

Shanghai Pearl Tower

Chenghuang Temple

BerJaya Times Square's Post Office


i Discovered dat the Berjaya TimesSquare a.k.a. bts opened a post office.

<<--- Main entrance

<<-- pos express type
<<-- what we can do over here,, bills, utilities,, etc

It is located at Lower Ground floor (LG) on the corner of west wing.
Besides dat, right in front will be the escolator and a Maybank E-kiosk
So convinent !!~~~
Business hour : 10 am ~ 6pm ( Mon- Fri) except public holiday